Work and business update – Always an entrepreneur

Besides sports, there is still a lot going on in terms of work, business and entrepreneurship. I’ve been at Philips for almost 1,5 years doing SEO and Social Listening, so I would like to mention more then just sports on my blog in the future. I might want to migrate this domain to if I manage to do that by myself.

Besides al my webshops, I have a new project going on which is doing the online marketing for Facturatie Office. It is software for invoicing, time tracking and all other accountancy tasks that every entrepreneur needs. It’s a really interesting project and opportunity to learn a lot and increase my knowledge about digital marketing.

I’m doing this with a few friends, which is even more fun. My friend Ben Balvers who ran the half marathon with me last year is also helping me out. He is also an entrepreneur and set up FOUR Creating with some smart friends. They make videos and have become very successful last year. It’s great to learn from each other and work together to get to the next level of our businesses.

I will keep you posted!

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