Update 2015 – Injuries and Crossfit

It has been a while since I updated my blog. It makes sense since there was not much to update about in terms of sports achievements. I did not compete in any events since the Amsterdam Half Marathon, I just wanted to train really hard during the winter and be really fit to see how good I can be next year in triathlon.

Sloterparkbad triathlon dolfijn

I swam three times per week, approximately 3 km per training. Interval training on the track and spinning in the gym (I don’t like biking in the winter). My fitness level went up really fast and swimming went better every training. I even signed up for the second and first division triathlon team to compete next year.

Dolfijn amsterdam tweede divisie

Apparently training 10-12 hours a week next to my full-time job and social life wasn’t keeping up when I started to get injured. First it was my left hip in December 2014. Then my right shoulder in March 2015. My body couldn’t keep up with the volume and an imbalance in movements and muscles was causing the injuries. I had to get back to the basics and rest.

I needed to get stronger so I started crossfit at Crossfit Victrix in Alkmaar. With my gymnastics background, I could pick things up really fast and increase my overall strengths. The first lessons I felt pretty weak, while I thought I was really fit due to the triathlon and gymnastics background. I’ve learned deadlifts, squats, cleans and many more functional movements that have increase my overall strength. My mass increased and I feel a lot stronger now. I also just started going to the chiropractor, who will align my back and hip.

Keep calm and crossfit on

Things are getting better and I can’t wait to get back in the pool and on the track to just train and enjoy what I like

My goal this year is to set a strong solid base of good technique and muscle balance. I want to do one sprint distance triathlon if my injuries allow it, but I don’t expect that good results yet. As long as I can shine next year!

tri-suit de dolfijn triathlon

New tri-suit

And by the way, the triathlons season has started, so my webshop www.TriathlonVeters.nl is up running again, delivering triathlon laces to all triathletes in the Netherlands:)