Third time’s a charm – Dam tot Damloop 2014

This event means something special to me, I don’t really know why. I think it is because it was the first time I ever ran a long distance, trained by myself and gave everything I had. I found out I was a natural athlete. I keep coming back ever since, because I see it as a yearly benchmark and see how much I have improved.

I managed to run the following in the previous years:

2012 – 1:18:34

2013 – 1:18:15

I have been training since July with my triathlon club. It is the first I have actually done real intervals and running technique training. The swimming has also been majorly good for my condition and the strength training I have done in the gym have made my legs a lot stronger. My physio helped me with some stiffness in my legs and I knew I was ready to hit the gass on race day. I ran a 9 km and 11 km in the build up to this race and I felt good. I was also in a September “no alcohol” challenge, which really made me feel great in terms of fitness.

The first 4 kilometers I was on a schedule of 1:08, but I knew it was way too fast. I just wanted to run past the majority of the people and pass them in the first kilometers. From then on, I was able to runs steady as I started quite at the front. As always, taking some water and sponges too cool myself off at aid stations. At kilometer 12 I knew I was running steady and was on a pace of finishing in 1:13! I kept pushing, but my legs started to feel tired and I felt I was losing energy.  I had been on the edge of maximizing my possible VO2 max the whole race to achieve my maximum result possible. In the end I started to follow a person who was overtaking me with quite a fast past. My goals was to stay with him and it worked to convert my last energy to cross the finish line.

I finished in 1:14:15, which is 3 minutes and 40 seconds faster than my personal best! Averaging 12.95 km p/h over 16 kilometers was the max I was capable at that moment. If I train another full year I want to finish under 1:10!

Uitslagen dam tot damloop 2014

Medaille dam tot damloop 2014