A solid race – Triathlon Heerhugowaard 2014

My intention of this triathlon was to take it easy, have fun and do all three parts good and solid. I literally hadn’t touched a swimming pool for the last 2 months, so I was skeptical on the swim (even though I am a good swimmer). Surprisingly I did the 500 meters in open water in 8:00!!

Triathlon heerhugowaard 2014 swimm

Triathlon heerhugowaard 2014 swim

I had strong legs as I’ve trained in Italy for a week and I had an average speed of 30 km/p h with a few stops and sharp turns. I think I was hitting 31-37 km/p h the whole race when I checked the speed on my Garmin. The only thing that was stopping me going harder was my breathing, because in terms if strength, my legs are fit.

Triathlon heerhugowaard 2014 bike 2

Triathlon heerhugowaard 2014 bike

Again (just as my previous triathlon) I was feeling cramps in my belly when I started running. I really need to figure this out, because I can run a lot faster, but I am just fighting against the pain in my stomach. I only ate two bananas, an apple and some bread that day, because I didn’t want to throw up like I did last year. I did 5 km in 26:43, which is not that fast for me. I might get cramps because of a wrong bike fit or I need to train transition between all sports more often.

Triathlon heerhugowaard 2014 run

Triathlon heerhugowaard 2014 run 2

I finished in 1 hour 15 minutes and 13 seconds. It is a personal best since my race in 2011 on that course, 5 minutes and 38 seconds faster (1:20:51). It felt like a solid race, as I was just having fun and not completely pushing myself to the limit.