The good and the bad. Amsterdam triathlons

This season I have done two out of the three Amsterdamse Triathlons. The first one was at Gaasperplas and the other one at the Bosbaan. A real contrast, as I was feeling great at the first one, finishing in the top 50 out of 300, which I crashed in the other one and had my first DNF ever.

Gaasperplas triathlon – The good

It was the first edition of this event. The swimming course was longer as they made a calculation mistake. Instead of 750 meters I had swam a total of 1.1 kilometers. Swimming is my stronger portion of the triathlon, so I did not mind that. The bike course was quite technical, so you couldn’t keep a strong pace overall. The run course was not what I expected, and there was a lot of mud and off-road terrain. Even though I felt great along the whole race and I finished in 1:17:38.

Amsterdamse triathlon gaasperplas

Amsterdamse triathlon gaasperplas

Amsterdamse Bosbaan triathlon – The bad

This race was horrible in my opinion. The swim was tough and fast. Someone pulled my shoulder, dragged me under water and swam over me. My shoulders were tired because of the trainings I had that week. I couldn’t steady my heart rate the whole bike leg and I felt like a bad triathlete when I rode with 35 km/ph and people were passing me with 40+ km/ph. As a desert I crash in my final lap in a difficult corner. I couldn’t train for over a week due to the injuries. Anyway, I felt like I was mentally burned up after all my previous races (I did the Dam tot Damloop the week before which was a real goal I had set). Now there was only the Amsterdam Half Marathon left for me to do, then my off-season could start!

Triathlon crash

triathlon crash

Altough I’ve still been busy with the business side of things. I’ve even set up a webshop to distribute triathlon laces in the UK. Exciting things!