First triathlon this year!

I competed in my first triathlon this year, since my hip and shoulder injuries wouldn’t let me. I wanted to do at least one sprint distance triathlon, just for the sake of doing one. I had one month to get into decent shape after my holiday.


The weather was great that day. I always get surprised how much shit you need to take with you to do a triathlon. Finally I was able to test my new TYR wetsuit and my new Gravity shoes from Newton Running in the Oudekerkerplas triathlon.

Gravity IV newton running hardloopschoenen

The swim went very well. I didn’t train that much, but I know my natural speed is pretty steady. I got 3th out of the water in my wave and had the 15th overall swim time that day out of 207.

triathlon oudekerkerplas 2105 zwemmen 2

Biking also went great. As always it takes a while to get into a rhythm and get my breathing under control. We were riding in front with 6-8 people, but then we got into a busy street with cars etc. We noticed this was not the right way. We should have gone to the right a bit earlier, but there was no-one (!) from the organization to guide us the right way. We lost about 2-3 minutes on that point. I did not want to win this race, but that’s just an unfortunate way of losing time in a race. Dislikes to the organization!

triathlon oudekerkerplas 2105 fietsen

Running was tough! I hadn’t run properly for more than 6 months, so I just had to hang in there and finish the 5,5 km. I managed to pull it off in 23:30, which I can do faster if I’m fit. But it was steady and I was happy.

triathlon oudekerkerplas 2105 lopen 3


triathlon oudekerkerplas 2105 finish

I managed to finish the triathlon in 1 hour and 21 minutes!

triathlon oudekerkerplas 2105 finish 3