My first Olympic Distance triathlon – Triathlon Utrecht 2014

My goal for this year was to finish my first Olympic Distance triathlon. If I ever want to do an Ironman, I need to make progress each year and step up my game. This was my goal for this year and I’m glad I completed it. I now had a benchmark for myself with the Olympic Distance, so next year I can definitely beat my time.

I recently joined the Dolfijn Triatlon Club in Amsterdam where I will be training hard to set new records next year!

I have also installed my new Xtenex Laces X300 from  on my shoes. Looking snazzy!

elastieken triathlon veters Xtenex laces x300

The swim went amazingly good. I started with my wave (I guess about 70 people) and It was the first time did a 1500 meter swim in the open water. I felt really good and was pushing it hard, also drafting behind faster swimmer. I came 5th out of the water, which was quite good, in a time of 27 minutes 27 seconds.

Triathlon Utrecht 2014 swim 2

Triathlon Utrecht 2014 swim

The bike was OK. I felt strong the first 30 kilometers, but the legs were getting a bit tired the within the last lap. My big learning thing in this event was that I NEED to eat something like energy bars/gels or whatever, because I noticed I was short on sugar.

Triathlon Utrecht 2014 bike

The first 5 km of the 10 km run went really good, pushing it around 13 km/per hour. The final 3 kilometers were really hard as I had to stop running, because I was short on energy and I needed sugars. I walked for a bit and then moved on to the finish.

Triathlon Utrecht 2014 run 2

I finished my first Olympic Distance race in 2 hours 49 minutes and 49 seconds!

Triathlon Utrecht 2014 Run

After this event I am not sure If I want to do a half Ironman distance next year already. I feel like mastering this distance first before moving one. There is still a lot to win in time and strength before moving on. I will just focus on training the coming year, increasing my condition and strength.