About Me

Some background information about me.

My name is Erik, a 22 years old sport enthusiast from the Netherlands. When I was younger I did three sports at the same time: soccer, triathlon and gymnastics. During high school I quit two of them and continued with gymnastics. Around the age of 18 I forgot how much I loved running and swimming and started those again to build up some extra fitness. While serious gymnastics came to an end, I found new goals I want to achieve which involves big endurance races like a marathon and the Ironman.

I believe I am a natural swimmer and a good runner. Biking is my least favorite, although I’ve never properly trained it yet (recently bought a good road bike). I like to read books in my spare time about sports autobiographies, business, self development and anything that enriches my life. I study marketing and I like business in general.  I always try to find a balance between sports, school,  friends and have a beer now and then. I believe those things are the ingredients for living a live I enjoy.

You can follow me on this blog on my journey to achieve my sportive goals the coming years. Ultimately I would like to participate in the Ironman World Championships in Kona-Hawaii, but that is still a long way ahead. I hope to motivate and inspire people with this blog to help them pursue their sportive dreams as well!

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me, I will gladly get back to you!

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