What if money didn’t matter?

What if money didn’t matter? How would you spend your life if money was not an object?

For me it would mean that I do not have to work full time and spend most of my days maintaining my lifestyle. I would be working out every day enjoying the great outdoors. Swimming, cycling and running everywhere I feel like. I would travel around the world and discover this by doing the sports I love. This would motivate me even more to achieve the goals I have, because I have more time available to get fit.

It really puts in perspective on what you should focus on. Before you know it you spend most of your life doing something you don’t love. This movie with the voice of Alan Watts really makes you think.

How would you spend your life?

This article has been written by Erik Brandsma, a triathlete from the Netherlands with a dream to finish the Ironman World Championships in Kona-Hawaii.