The most beautiful runs in Brighton

Have you been running in all the beautiful places your hometown has to offer? I have been living since February in Brighton and the landscape is the opposite of what I am used to. The Netherlands is all about flat, windy and straight roads, while Brighton has hills and curvy angled roads everywhere. I have become a lot stronger due to strength training and trail running in the hills, but a little bit slower as well. I will share a few beautiful runs in Brighton that hopefully inspire you to seek out these spots in your own environment as well. A beautiful run upgrades the whole running experience. The following three runs are my favorites.

Stanmer Park

Stanmer Park is a beautiful park with the gracious Stanmer House at the end of the road. You can run a 2.5 km loop that goes to the house and back or climb hills with lots of trail runs. It is a part of my Monday long run, so I grab a few loops there.

Wild Park

Wild Park has a nice trail run with a steep uphill in the beginning. It takes me about 20 minutes to follow complete the trail, with a very nice view halfway through. It is a great run when you just want to enjoy yourself, get the heart pumping and put some strength training in.

Brighton Wild Park

Brighton and Hove seafront

The coast from the Brighton Marina all the way to Hove is about a 10 km stretch. It is beautiful run along the seafront as it is almost the only road that is actually flat in Brighton. The road along the seafront is actually a big part of Brighton Marathon which takes place each year in April

Brighton Hove seafrontBrighton Wild Park

There is also lots of countryside where you can cycle and enjoy the great outdoors. Depending on the weather, you can have a fantastic time out there.

Devils Dyke view Brightoncountryside Brighton Hove

Tips on finding the most beautiful runs in your hometown

  • Have a look on Google maps for roads and green areas where you have never been
  • Ask other runners about their running laps
  • Just go out there and use your gut feeling! (If there is a path, people have been there before, this means you don’t have to worry about getting lost)

This article has been written by Erik Brandsma, a triathlete from the Netherlands with a dream to finish the Ironman World Championships in Kona-Hawaii.