Sportweek Langedijk 2013

Last week was the Sportweek Langedijk 2013, where I joined with the boys from my gymnastics club. We had already won 2 years in a row and needed our third victory to keep the championships cup. All elements in the sportweek were in a team, so everyone had to use his/her specialties on the different sports.

  • The week was as followed:
  • Monday – Jeu de Boules
  • Tuesday – Triathlon
  • Wednesday – Mud race
  • Friday – Volleybal
  • Saturday – Bed race
  • Sunday – Combined games event

Sportweek Langedijk 2013 triathlon (2)

Sportweek Langedijk 2013 triathlon

I was assigned to swim on the triathlon, run the mud race trough the canals, run the bed race and participate in the small games on Sunday. I started off with a new PR record on the 500m swim in a 25 meter pool. A time of 7:20! That was actually 21 seconds faster then last year.

The mud race was brutal as always, jumping in and out of 7 canals and sprinting untill the end. It took me 2 minutes 39 seconds, but I was quite destroyed.

Sportweek Langedijk 2013 prutrace (2)

Sportweek Langedijk 2013 prutrace

The bed race, intervals, intervals, intervals….

Sportweek Langedijk 2013 zeskamp Sportweek Langedijk 2013 zeskamp (2)

Some pics from the games on sunday, it looks easy but was really tough!

Sportweek Langedijk 2013 kampioen

And we became champions! Up to next year!

This article has been written by Erik Brandsma, a triathlete from the Netherlands with a dream to finish the Ironman World Championships in Kona-Hawaii.