Finally off-season! Amsterdam Half Marathon 2014

I had one more race to finish before my off-season started. I have done a lot of triathlons and running events this year, with big improvements, but I was ready for a break. It takes a lot to mentally prepare and get ready for a new race each time. I felt like I was done for the season and wanted to enjoy the training more without any obligations. Also the winter period is great for strength training, so I want to hit the gym hard again to focus on getting stronger legs and improve my core.

I signed up for the Amsterdam Half Marathon with my friend Ben Balvers. I finished the Dam tot Damloop (16 km) with an average of 13 km p/h, so I thought I could finish under 1:40. A year before I ran my first half marathon in East London in 1:47. I knew a PR was doable.

It was warm, humid and there were so many people everywhere. I was not able to maintain a steady throughout the whole race, because there were so many runners with different running levels. I officially now have a dislike at slow runners that run all the way at the left side, while it is clear that the faster runners should overtake the slower ones on the left side. I have respect for every runner putting him or herself in an event like this, but this is just really annoying when I have to keep stopping and going around other people.

The last 3 kilometers starting at the Vondelpark were really heavy and my calves started to burn with every step. I did not train more than 10 km in the last 4 weeks building towards the half marathon, so I knew I was over my strength limit, but It was just a matter of gritting my teeth and push forward and stay positive mentally. Finishing in the Olympic Stadium was really nice and a great experience. I finished in 1:43:04 and I feel like I could have finished faster if it wasn’t for the busy event. Next time I want to pick a race where I can run a really fast time. Now it is time for the off-season!

halve marathon amsterdam 2014


Medaille halve marathon amsterdam 2014


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