Another one bites the dust! – Zandvoort Circuit Run 2014

Last Sunday was the first time after 5 months I joined a running event. Since I got injured badly last year in September 2013 and have been rebuilding strength, I wanted to start off the season with a decent running distance. I took the challenge at the 12 km Zandvoort Circuit Run.

My preparation was good, I did two 9 km runs in previous weeks and felt really good. Not even tired in the legs, so I definitely have become A LOT stronger. My fitness level is just not yet what it used to be. I haven’t done much cardio and interval trainings during the off-season, so that is what I’m going to focus on next to build up for my triathlons in June and July. Focus on getting faster and increase my VO2 max. Herzog Medical has also sponsored me with a pair of compressions socks. They have been very helpful with my injuries and I feel much more stable when I run. I took them to the test at the event.

It was really warm and sunny last Sunday, so the conditions were quite tough. The course went from the Zandvoort Circuit, to the beach, then back through the center of Zandvoort.

Zandvoort Circuit Run Parcours

The race started off on the circuit, which was incredibly hot, because of the sun and the asphalt. I was sweating like crazy within 3 km. Then finally off to the beach. I was pounding through the soft sand (almost sprained my ankle a few times) and enjoyed the wind in my face due to the hot weather. I was passing people the whole time which gave me a real motivational boost.

Zandvoort Circuit Run 2014 uitslag

In my opinion, the hardest part of the course was running in the soft sand uphill in a 150 meter slope. Finally at the top, my calves were burning and I really had to take it easy to recover. Then back through the center of Zandvoort which was really nice with all the spectators (and drinking bear in the sun). Still feeling good, not even having sore legs (thanks to my compression socks and strength training) I had the finish line in my sight. Especially with longer runs, I feel like I conserve much more energy with my socks.

Zandvoort Circuit Run 2014 Finish 1

Zandvoort Circuit Run 2014 Finish 2

My goal was to finish under 1 hour, so I would run 12 km p/h. Back at the circuit I passed the finish line in 1:01:45 with an average speed of 11,7 km p/h. The conditions were tough and I just started running again so I am really happy to add another medal to my collection. Another running event bites the dust!

Zandvoort Circuit Run 2014 Medaille

Zandvoort Circuit Run 2014


This article has been written by Erik Brandsma, a triathlete from the Netherlands with a dream to finish the Ironman World Championships in Kona-Hawaii.